Successful Tender Bidding of Premedical Laboratories at China CDC Purchasing Project of Instruments for Emergency Vehicle

The bid was issued through Central Government Procurement Center. Owning to the excellent quality of its instrumentations and outstanding technical team, Premedical Laboratories succeeded to get the bid on December 19, 2012.

Emergency Vehicles in biological field are suitable to not only CDCs around the country, but also to biodefense, custom inspection and biosecurity, oceanography, field ecology and archeology reaserch.

Premedical Labboratories commits to provide an total solution of instrumentation and related services for emergency vehicle.

Instrumentation 1: Palm PCR System;

Instrumentation 2: Portable Gel Imager;

Instrumentation 3: Portable Ultra-low Freezer;

Instrumentation 4: Mini Microfuge;

Instrumentation 5: Mini Mental Bath;

Instrumentation 6: Portable Incubator;

and so on